Action Item: In support of SB442

Please Help the Oregon Pediatric Society by Contacting your Legislators

I am writing as a voter in your district to encourage you to support SB 442, and its amendment to eliminate the non-medical exemption for children entering the school system.

Vaccines save millions of lives globally. We are fortunate to live in a time in history where public health efforts have been able to target a disease and then eliminate it from our population. Those of us in the medical field know the science, statistics and the research. Vaccines are safe. Vaccines are studied and monitored to a degree much more stringently then medications. We know the dangers of not vaccinating. We don't have to look too far back in history for the proof. Many of us have seen children die from vaccine preventable diseases. Parents choosing to exempt their children from vaccines are putting not only their child, but others in the community, at risk of serious, yet preventable diseases. Children who are not yet able to receive a vaccine, due to their young age or other medical reason such as a compromised immune system, are at an increased risk of contracting the disease. They rely on the community protecting them by not allowing the disease to resurge and thrive.

I encourage you to support this legislation as a matter of public health, and to protect the health and lives of the children within our state and beyond its borders.

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